Simmerblau Rebalancing Burnout Coaching Trainingen
Chris Dijkstra offers Rebalancing® and Burnout coaching in Amsterdam. Offering people the possibility to live more in accordance with the body’s own inherent wisdom.


Rebalancing® is a unique and comprehensive form of body work, offering people the possibility to live more in accordance with the body’s own inherent wisdom. Rebalancing assumes that body and mind are inextricably linked. In our society, we learn to rely mostly on our thinking mind, which can lead us to lose contact with our body, whereas the body is a major source of knowledge and information.

Using techniques such as respectful touching, massage, breathing exercises, meditation and guided self-reflection, Rebalancing enables you to access more profound layers of yourself. It affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

People are naturally vibrant, spontaneous and unprejudiced. Just look at young children. We adapt ourselves to conform to demands from the outside world or to survive traumatic experiences. We accomplish this primarily by focusing on qualities other people validate and by restraining qualities that are not appreciated by others. These undesired traits are usually things like playfulness and sensitivity, but also fear or rage.

Adapting and restraining yourself requires a lot of self-control and physical and mental effort. At the physical level we do this, for example, by tensing up certain muscle groups or restraining and adapting our breathing. These processes generally operate on a subconscious level, but they disturb the body’s natural equilibrium and use up a lot of energy.

This imbalance can manifest as mental and/or physical complaints including stress, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, feelings of depression, anxiety, rumination or pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Each individual body tells its own unique story.

Rebalancing helps you adopt a constructive attitude to life, characterised by increased inner tranquillity and greater confidence in your own strength and qualities, creating a better balance between thinking and feeling, work and leisure, taking and bearing responsibility.

Burnout coaching

More and more people are finding that the burden of work, study or care is exacting too much of a toll on them, and that persevering for ‘a little longer’, is too much. Chronic stress can be a harbinger of burnout. But burnout is not a disease that simply ‘cures itself’ if you take time to rest. It is fundamentally a state in which your body’s natural resilience is chronically out of balance.

Too many stress hormones in your bloodstream for too long will damage your entire system. Besides constantly feeling fatigued, you will often become short of breath and less able to fight off infections. You will also experience psychological effects, such as agitation, anxiety and unease. Sometimes, being exposed to permanent stress for long periods of time ultimately causes people to become susceptible to very serious diseases.

My approach is a combination of Rebalancing, Mindfulness, massage, breath work, guided self-inquiry, systemic work and coaching. As my client, you will learn and experience how to more quickly interpret, accept and own your physical and emotional signals.

You will gain insight into your own qualities, your personal strengths, blind spots and challenges. All in service of rediscovering a long-lasting, healthy balance. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

(English translation by Dave Herman)